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We're responsible for:


​The Parish Council has various powers and responsibilities within the parish of Gunthorpe with Bale and act as the lowest tier of Government.

We receive information about Planning Applications, liaise with NCC Highways, and are able to provide small grants to help support local services such as the Local Lynx.

If you would like to find out more, all residents are welcome to come along to all Parish Council meetings.


The Parish Council serves the small villages of Gunthorpe and Bale either side of the A148 road about five miles from Holt in North Norfolk.   There are about 180 persons on the electoral register.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place:

at Bale Village Hall

on Thursday 16th February 2023 - 7pm

(This is a change to the date originally advertised)

The next Parish Council Meeting at Gunthorpe Village Institute will be on Thursday 11th May.

This will be the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting

All welcome


This took place on Thursday 5th May.

Cllr Lucy Bent was elected as Chair - her second year in office.

Latest Update


Election take place for all Parish Councils every 4 years and the next elections will take place in May 2023.


The deadline for putting in application papers is 4th April.


It is important that both villages are fully represented - why not find out about becoming a Parish Councillor and representing the views of your neighbours.

Contact the Clerk or any of the Councillors to see what it entails, and/or come along to the next Parish Council meeting on 16th February at Bale Village Hall



Felbeck Trust

The Felbeck Trust are in the process of taking over responsibility for Surveyors Allotment No. 1 in Sharrington Road, Bale

They have provided a copy of their Management Plan for the site which can be visited here.

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